Keyholes by Rae White

Tristesse Your cock shrivelled caked in used condom and I whisper in sharp wet sobs, a waterfall in verse. In this piercing moment nothing can possibly be good. With fingertip I circle the red hard pimple on your thigh. Breathing slows my head soggy cotton and I nudge my damp face against your neck.   […]

tl;dr smut makes me gleeful by Lauren E Mitchell

I’ve been writing smut, or porn, or erotica, or whatever you want to call it, for just about half my life, according to the spreadsheet that I keep to track such things. (Not just smut writing, but pretty much all the writing I do.) I have the date for my first R-rated story, and before […]

a highway at night

Trampled Underfoot somewhere off Route 7 by Welton B Marsland

It’s raining outside when you fuck him in your car rivers beat on the windows, pulse beats in your cock as you fight your way inside each other’s space and clothes and defences. On hands and knees on leather on bitching suspension, the car creaks and calls you a cocktease ‘cos you’re screwing him so […]

Sleep Paralysis by Felix MacFarlane

Originally published in CQ5: Poetry. Felix MacFarlane | he/him/his Felix is a twenty-something year old digital artist who enjoys drawing characters/comics, using bright colours, and long walks on the beach.

Unstuck by Hamish McIntyre

She was unstuck in time. She wasn’t sure exactly how it happened. There was no secret military experiment, no toxic waste spill, and no magical McGuffin. One day she just felt a low rumble before being flung back three hours, as if she was the only person on Earth not wearing a seatbelt. There was […]

partial memories of friday night by Liz Duck-Chong

i fell asleep on a train, woke up in a new place, well, not a new place, but i didn’t have all my bearings – a place less travelled, found my way back where i’d come from, wrapped in scarves slowly unravelled. the bus fell halted, held askew, we watched the view, two headlights illuminated […]