Hannah Aroni | she/her | 3
Hannah is a writer, illustrator, theatremaker, advocate, one fifth of the managing arts core of @ActualA_tistic, and several other things that may or may not be professions depending on the weather. She writes about human messes.

Frank Candiloro | xe/xem/xyr | 3
Franklin is a comic artist and rad hip-hop DJ currently residing in Melbourne. Xe is also on the hunt for the perfect HSP, and invites others to join xem on xyr journey.

Alice Chalmers | they/them | 2
A 24yo queer being living in Melbourne from one coffee to the next, in the best way. Exhibiting regularly with The Fort Collective.

Alison Evans | they, she & he | 1
Alison is co-editor of Concrete Queers and loves it with the fiery passion of a thousand million burning suns. They also wrote a book called Ida which is a queer YA spec fic genre mash up. They’re on twitter as @_budgie and have some free short stories at

Lisa-Skye | 2
Lisa-Skye is Melbourne’s favourite sparklepuppy muppet dominatrix comedian. Her uniquely positive and inclusive humour and her glitter-bomb high-energy delivery have made her a favourite on the International arts festival circuit. This pocket rocket has to be seen to be believed. Find more of her at