Hannah Aroni | she/her | 3
Hannah is a writer, illustrator, theatremaker, advocate, one fifth of the managing arts core of @ActualA_tistic, and several other things that may or may not be professions depending on the weather. She writes about human messes.

Katherine Back | she/her | 3
Katherine is a Melbourne-based writer and editor who loves trashy horror, trashy food and trashy people. For complaints about trams and pictures of dogs follow her on Twitter: @tideoftrash

Frank Candiloro | xe/xem/xyr | 3 & 5
Franklin is a comic artist and rad hip-hop DJ currently residing in Melbourne. Xe is also on the hunt for the perfect HSP, and invites others to join xem on xyr journey.

Alice Chalmers | they/them | 2
A 24yo queer being living in Melbourne from one coffee to the next, in the best way. Exhibiting regularly with The Fort Collective.

Liz Duck-Chong | she & they | 5
Liz is a writer, sexual health nerd and filmmaker who has had articles, poetry and essays in a range of publications. She co-hosts wholesome sex ed show @letsdoitpodcast, and is on Twitter at @lizduckchong.

Alison Evans | they/them | 1
Alison is the author or two queer spec fic YA books, Ida and Highway Bodies, and is a contributor in Kindred: 12 Queer #loveozya Stories. They’re on twitter as @_budgie and write spec fic and/or gently magical stories at

Felix MacFarlane | they/them/theirs | 5
Felix is a twenty-something year old digital artist who enjoys drawing characters/comics, using bright colours, and long walks on the beach.

Hamish McIntyre | he/him/his | 5
Ham is especially interested in writing interactive fiction text adventures. He is not a real ham, but can be found on Twitter as @zombieham

Welton B. Marsland | 4
Welton B. Marsland is a queer-punk writer from Melbourne whose stories, poetry & more have appeared in many local & international markets. Debut novel “By the Currawong’s Call”, set in 1890s Australia, is available through and recently won the Romance category at the 2018 Bisexual Book Awards in New York. WBM is also Editor of a poetry anthology inspired by the TV show Supernatural, called “Carrying On”. Twitter: @wbmarsland Website:

Lisa-Skye | 2
Lisa-Skye is Melbourne’s favourite sparklepuppy muppet dominatrix comedian. Her uniquely positive and inclusive humour and her glitter-bomb high-energy delivery have made her a favourite on the International arts festival circuit. This pocket rocket has to be seen to be believed. Find more of her at