Asunder by Hester J. Rook

Puzzle hearted and in pieces I am scattered and entangled. They found my nose on a cathedral spire, my left arm on the back of a bus in sky-sodden Dublin. The outside world was an impressionist blur through the rainwashed glass. I was part-swallowed by a hapless fish swimming silvered in the Hunter River. When […]

Sleep Paralysis by Felix MacFarlane

Originally published in CQ5: Poetry. Felix MacFarlane | he/him/his Felix is a twenty-something year old digital artist who enjoys drawing characters/comics, using bright colours, and long walks on the beach.

Unstuck by Hamish McIntyre

She was unstuck in time. She wasn’t sure exactly how it happened. There was no secret military experiment, no toxic waste spill, and no magical McGuffin. One day she just felt a low rumble before being flung back three hours, as if she was the only person on Earth not wearing a seatbelt. There was […]

Universe Building by Welton B. Marsland

“You okay?” “Yeah.  I think.  Except … could you let go of my hair now?” Jimmy chuckled and relaxed the hand he’d gripped in Ryan’s sweaty hair.  “Sorry.” “S’okay.” At first, their expressions were sombre and serious, faces just centimetres apart, breathing heavy, both of them a little stunned and uncertain.  Then, slowly, as it […]