The Things She Finds in the Dark Places by Hester J. Rook

Swamp bound, webbed fingers deep in the mud the mangroves rear about him. One wrist speared on a root, green blood pearls and washes down oystered skin. One lick; his blood tastes of ocean and sand. Cut free, his wail is a battle cry.  His claws run rivets down my cheek, red salt mixed with […]

Frank Candiloro

Originally published in Concrete Queers 7: Speculative Fiction Frank Candiloro | xe/xem/xyr Franklin is a comic artist and rad hip-hop DJ currently residing in Melbourne. Xe is also on the hunt for the perfect HSP, and invites others to join xem on xyr journey.

Zaarthox’s log, stardate 401.56 by Cecil Wilde

Zaarthox’s log, stardate 401.56 Landing pod still broken beyond repair. Human social customs are bizarre. There are insects on this planet that bite, and I appear to be allergic to them. Stardate 401.63 Communication efforts with my ship remain futile. Local wildlife seems friendly in the presence of food. I have been informed this is […]

Sky Children by Alison Evans

This city is always humming. Not like back home, that place was blaring loud through the day and so quiet at night. I like it here, the millions of glittering lights, the pinpricks of the life further above, the rhythmic clack of the trains that travel past every three minutes. The city is alive and […]

Asunder by Hester J. Rook

Puzzle hearted and in pieces I am scattered and entangled. They found my nose on a cathedral spire, my left arm on the back of a bus in sky-sodden Dublin. The outside world was an impressionist blur through the rainwashed glass. I was part-swallowed by a hapless fish swimming silvered in the Hunter River. When […]