Calling out, calling in by Lisa-Skye

Calling out, Calling in: Making a safe space for queer audiences in comedy 

Stand up comic Lisa-Skye explores the Melbourne comedy room scene. She IDs as a queer, polyamorous, non-cis Femme Daddy & safe/sane/consensual BDSM advocate. 

‘Yesterday, my wife asked me what I’d do if I were a woman for a day. What I’d do if I were a woman for the day? I’d clean this kitchen, for a start!’

I was at a popular comedy night. More popular than most in Melbourne – about 60 audience members, who, to my disappointment (but not surprise) ate up the bullshit the headliner was coughing out.

This was no open-mic comic, no green first- or second-timer. He was a seasoned international act. And the crowd loved it.   Continue reading “Calling out, calling in by Lisa-Skye”