Concrete Queers is a zine made by queer people for queer people.

Katherine Back
Alison Evans

Park Street

Poetry editor
Tilly Houghton

Truck logos
Claire Gunst

Panel 1


The next three themes for CQ issues and their submission call end dates are:

CQ12: Digital – July 15

CQ13: Fairytales – November 25

CQ14: Speculative Fiction – March 15

We have a limit of 1000 words for written pieces. For visual art we mostly print in black and white. We do print the covers in colour, so if you have a colour piece that you think might be suitable, send it through!

Please attach your written pieces as a word or google doc, please don’t copy paste into your submission email.

If we publish your work, each piece will get a token payment of AUD$15. Pieces selected for the front cover will be paid $30.

You can send all submissions and/or questions to editors Alison and Kat at concretequeers@gmail.com